About Us

Vitor’s started out as a coffee shop, but we changed our name from the Coffee Cap Cafe™ in the Summer of 2006. Our previous restaurant, Mokka™, was located in Newport, Kentucky, and our chef has worked at the world-renowned 5-star Nana Grill™ in Dallas, as well as Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse™ in Cincinnati. In 2005, we were voted best of the city for French toast in the December issue of Cincinnati Magazine, and rated best for breakfast in the City Beat Coffee Cap. You can also find an article featuring us in the Cincinnati Weekly’s dining out guide for November of 2005, while we were still Coffee Cap Cafe. Coffee Cap was also voted best in brunch by AOL City. In May 2009, we won the “Best of Taste” for our Unforgettable French Toast and the “Award of Excellence” for our Walnut/Coconut Encrusted Shrimp with a Peach/Mango Spiced Reduction in the Taste of Cincinnati food competition.

We decided to relocate to Indiana in the summer of 2016. Chef Vitor will also be featuring his chef’s table, where you can choose a chef’s choice 5-10 course meal with wine pairing (reservations must be made in advance with a required deposit).

In September 2015, our food truck, Urban Vistro, was launched with great success. Our locations can be found on the Urban Vistro Facebook page, as well as Street Food Finder.