Elevated new American and International cuisine
Welcome to Vitor’s Bistro, an intimate dining destination. Passionate chef and owner Vitor with the help of his wife Heather bring culinary artistry to life with elevated new American and international cuisine.

Vitor’s culinary journey has taken him across the country, working in acclaimed restaurants from the East Coast to the West Coast. He trained in French, American, Latin, and kosher cuisine, drawing inspiration from many cultures.

Vitor’s Portuguese and Asian heritage also influence his cooking, inspiring a fusion of amazing flavors. He expertly blends these global techniques with the seasonal bounty sourced from local farms.

After honing his skills nationwide, Vitor is thrilled to now share his unique culinary creations with you. He welcomes you to his table to enjoy the dishes he has meticulously crafted. Vitor’s imagination truly comes alive on every plate for you to savor.