Norma Strait’s Story: The Quiet Strength Behind George Strait

Norma Strait, the wife of country music icon George Strait, has remained a cornerstone in the life of the famed “King of Country,” offering unwavering support that has seen the couple celebrate over five decades of marriage.

Her story is one of love, resilience, and commitment, providing a heartwarming look into the life of the woman who has stood by one of country music’s greatest legends.

High School Sweethearts

George and Norma Strait’s love story began in their hometown of Pearsall, Texas, where they were both high school students. Their romance, characterized by its off-and-on nature during the initial stages, eventually led to a steadfast relationship, culminating in their elopement to Mexico on December 4, 1971. This bold step was taken right before he enlisted in the United States Army and subsequently posted to Hawaii.

Over the years, Norma has been by George’s side, witnessing and supporting his rise to country music stardom, parenting their children, and, more recently, enjoying the joys of grandparenthood together.


A Family United

George and Norma’s journey through life has seen them blessed with two children, Jenifer Lynn Strait and George “Bubba” Strait Jr. Tragedy struck the Strait family in 1986 when their daughter Jenifer died in a car accident at just 13 years of age.

This devastating loss led the Straits to honor their daughter’s memory through the Jenifer Strait Memorial Foundation, a charitable organization focusing on children’s welfare.

Bubba Strait, their son, has carved out his path as a competitive rodeo cowboy and a talented songwriter, collaborating with his father on various musical projects, further highlighting the close-knit nature of the Strait family.

The Foundation of Support

Over the years, Norma Strait has played a pivotal role in George Strait’s life, especially during the highs and lows of music career.

While he toured, Norma was the steadfast anchor at home, caring for their son and managing the household. Her support also extended to his career, often being his pillar of strength behind the scenes.

Stepping into the Spotlight of Norma Strait

Though Norma has mostly maintained a low profile, she made a notable appearance in the music video for George’s song “Codigo” in 2019. The video, filmed in Mexico, showcased her toasting with friends and dancing with him, offering fans a rare glimpse into their private life.

Legacy of Love

As grandparents, George and Norma enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, George Harvey Strait III and Jilliann Louise Strait, who are children of their son Bubba and his wife, Tamara. The couple’s long-standing marriage is a testament to their unconditional love, mutual respect, and the joy of life’s simple pleasures.

While she may not seek the limelight, she plays an integral role in George Strait’s life and career. Her unwavering support, love, and dedication have contributed to the country legend’s success and helped forge a legacy beyond music into the realms of family, charity, and enduring love.

By remaining steadfastly by George’s side, raising a family, enduring loss, and celebrating milestones, Norma Strait’s influence and contribution to the family’s legacy are immeasurable. Her story is a poignant reminder of the strength in love, partnership, and the power of staying true to one’s heart and family.

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